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Animazement 2001 Pics

Well, Animazement once again got Yuu Watase as a guest - which meant another trip for my sister & I to North Carolina. I didn't get all that many good pictures this time, my camera was flaky and hated the lighting. I will be slowly adding pictures, as I am having to edit the majority of them as too dark or blurry.

Page 1 - Fushigi Yuugi & Ayashi no Ceres

Page 2 - Slayers, Lodoss & others

Page 3- Utena, Miyu & more

Page 4 - Card Captor Sakura & others

Page 5 - Sailor Moon & more

Page 6 - Trigun, Final Fantasy & more

Page 7 - Cel Collectors Gathering

After you look at the pictures, you can visit Melissa's Anime Fanart Page or you can go back to my main page at Melissa's Convention Pictures.

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