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MTAC 2001 PreCon Pics

My coverage will be very sporatic for MTAC, since I was staff I just took pictures when I wasn't working something. Thought would start with pictures most time don't see - precon pictures.

MTAC 2001 Artboard & Photo backdrop making - 9/30/2001

MTAC Staff & Volunteer meeting - 10/21/2001

Budd, Fred, Mylena, Damien
Scott & Stephen
Chizuko & Ed Jackson stops by

Early Halloween - 10/26/2001

Since the majority of Anime Nashville was either staffing or volunteering at MTAC, Halloween party was held early to give people a chance to relax from the rush of convention final preparations. I was dressed up in my blue rosebride outfit, which I think everyone has seen. ;-)

Events Ed Chizuko w Ashli AMV Stephen
Kitty Klara Knight Tyson
Gaming Chris

MTAC Badge Making - 10/27/2001

The assembly of the badges. Chizuko ended up being a master at putting together the 2.5 inch badges, thus earning her the title of 'Button Hime'. I ended up being master of putting the 3 inch buttons together, fortunately there were a lot less of those to do so got to take some pictures.

Conchair Phil & AMV Stephen
Autumn's look cracks me up

MTAC Setup - 11/1/2001 & 11/2/2001

Dealer room setup Dealer room setup Tired Already? Main screen & projector - go

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