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Otakon 2001 Pics

Decided to go to Otakon when it was announced that Hikaru Midorikawa was a guest. People riding up from Tennessee flucuated til almost the last minute - just ended up being Nikki and me. After being disappointed with Animazement pics, I tried new type of batteries and film and a new processing place. Still wasn't happy with the way the majority of Otakon pics turned out so have started looking for a new camera - hopefully will find one I like before AWA.

Page 1 - Slayers, Tenchi & Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

Page 2 - Utena, Bakuretsu Hunters & Pet Shop of Horrors

Page 3- Fushigi Yuugi & others

Page 4 - Card Captor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth & others

Page 5 - Sailor Moon & more

Page 6 - Trigun & more

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