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I brought Rosebride Kozue with me, wore it to cel collector meetings and in halls on Saturday evening. For a bit of the time I was wearing the top and flounce with shorts - as it was raining and brought skirt and crinoline in bag. Top w shorts didn't look all that bad - it was kinda like Utena's dueling outfit.

Otakon Page 2 Pics

Utena & more
Utena group
movie Anthy & Utena
white dueling Utena
Anthy & Duo
Kozue -bride & dueling
movie Miki
Utena & Anthy
really fuzzy Dios, Kozue, Akio
from Pet Shop of Horrors
PSH and Mana
Tira Misu
Bakuretsu Hunters and Slayn