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Well, I had planned to make more Slayers costumes after I made my Amelia and Xellos. A couple of days before SugoiCon I was looking over stuff and realized I already had more then half of a Zelgadis costume already. So on the thursday before the con I sewed the cloak then friday I put together the cloak clasp with what I had handy. I had no idea how well or how long it would take to apply the 'stones' and then makeup and ears, as first time tried that was actually at the con. Found out that what I am using for stones doesn't show up to well in photos, will have to try darker color for those.

Sugoi Con Page 3 Pics

I started w Amelia Yes, I'm a nut.. but its such fun
I need to cut this wig wahoo, another Zel wah, my Neko Xel came out fuzzy
Duo fest 2000